Friday, March 9, 2012

King Size

We bought a king size bed last year and it was the best purchase we have ever made. hands down. The only issue I have with it, is that it takes up a lot of space. However that can be fixed and here is how I started to fix this issue.
First I might add that I am truly embarrassed about the before pictures but I thought I should show how before 'really' looked. Our bedside tables are nice and served well but they are too low and too wide. Brandon's side table just fit in the door.

I have been looking for new side tables for awhile but I didn't want to spend $100 or more. Even Ikea had a few I liked but there were pricey too.

I was in Winners the other day looking for a gift and right when I walked in there was a display of side tables and lamps and there they were....our new tables! The price tag was still high but not as high as I have seen.

I feel like there is room to breath now. The curtains are not crammed.
 Now for that headboard. It was an inspiration that went wrong. It was in the beginning days of my internet inspiration, before pinterest and the many links we have now.
My inspiration for our headboard has remained the same for awhile and I will get to it. This is what we are hoping for... 
 We have used Ana White for a few things in our home. She is great. Furniture plans that are cheap, easy to follow and produce a great product. Once our Laundry room is done, this is our next project.

 This is the reason I do not blog a lot. He is so cute and wants me to play with him. As I watch him I can see his learning mind take it all in, examine every toy and thing around him. It's hard to find time to come blog with Mason looking at me wanting to play. So he is napping now and I have a moment... When the moment comes again I will come back and tell you more of what is going on here at the Kampens.

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deborahstatton said...

wow that top pic of Mason is totally you Elysha! Connie don't you agree?!