Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So we have decided.

We have decided that this blog will be here to update our family and friends on our life. I know that I do that somewhat on facebook (who doesnt?) but I can write more here!

I will write about our renovations (even past ones) and how we got through them alive! We will post about exciting news and randoms things we thought we HAD to share. I keep saying we because Brandon is an amazing writer and I would love to see what he would write.

I am hoping that this blog may help us finish the rest of our house so we can start house hunting for our Home. We originally thought we would be in and out of this house in 1yr, we are at 2yrs and counting. So we will see if this gets us motivated to get to all the little finishing touches left in this house. I am going to share our upper bathroom reno first since it has the most progress. Stay tuned for that shortly...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our First House

The reason it is referred to as our house and not our home is because we were supposed to buy this house, renovate and move. Out of all the people who have the same idea, I bet 80% of them have ended up in the same boat. We have been here 2years and counting... It feels like all those little finishing touches never end and they haunt my dreams...literally! I have big dreams for this house to make it look beautiful.

Can you tell which ones are before and which ones are after? Its a work in progress and I thought the day would never come but as we renovate, I am starting to really like this house...