Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Its an old one

I went into my archives of furniture to find something to show you.
I have a load of furniture that I have refinished in one way or another and I will show you them all eventually.
Today is a 6 drawer dresser. It now lives in Mason's room.

I went to a garage sale summer 2010 and found this...

I asked how much and she answered with $5.
What went through my mind was. Jackpot. wow. take it and run. hurry.
Another lady at the garage sale behind me said "what $5"... at this point, I thought she was going to up the price and 'steal' it from me. however she said "then why is this plastic card $10?"
I wasn't listening from that point on.... I was out of there with a 'new' dresser.

I painted it. distressed it a tad. installed handles from home depot.

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