Saturday, September 22, 2012

Information Night Success

First off, here is a link for a video on Melaleuca and their products. If it does not work, let me know. *enter as guest*
Melaleuca information video

I had a few people over last night to learn more about Melaleuca and the products they have. It was a learning night for me as well since I just signed up a couple months ago.
I always say they are green products and they work but Tessa really backed up that theory and it was nice to learn.

A lot of companies say they are green but ultimately they are not. I am shocked every time I hear that companies do not have to put all their ingredients on the bottle and they don't have to be tested before going into the store. We as consumers think, "well if its in the store its safe" or "if it says green, then it has to be" well we are wrong there.
Melaleuca fully tests their products and only uses natural ingredients from our earth. The products are truly green and they work.

Anyways, the main reason for the post was to show you one experiment we did last night.
We had two jars. One with Tilex bathroom spray it and leave cleaner. The other had the Tub&Tile.
Tessa dropped in a dirty penny in each jar.
Left jar: TILEX...... right jar: TUB&TILE

Close up with tilex. Pennies are same as they were when they went in

tub&tile pennies. clean and it went this way in a few seconds

We also did a test with permanent marker on linoleum floor. Used a couple household cleaners that the ladies brought and they didn't work. Sprayed the sol-u-mel and it started working without even wiping it. I didn't take pictures of it but a lot of people on youtube have posted the same experiment.

Below is our hood fan vents. Never been cleaned. I soaked them in a mixture of MelaMagic and water.

Sparkling clean

On a completely different side note. I get compliments on the old window frame chalkboard at my front door. I do know someone who makes them if you are interested in one.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Random Cold Monday

We are inside keeping ourselves busy today.

Do you have some paint? empty egg carton? straws?
Well if your bored and have the above, you can make these...

I know, some of my best work! ha

Then while Mason was sleeping, I made these yummy snacks.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Plus 2

We found our dining room table at a warehouse on a side road garage sale two years ago and we paid $50 for it. It did need some sanding and stain, which we had someone do.

The table can seat 8 (3 on each side, 1 on each end) but we only had 4 chairs. Ikea chairs that I spray painted white. [as seen above]
I have been waiting to purchase more chairs because they cost $$$ and I have more important things to spend $$$ on. Well when driving around getting mason to sleep one grumpy day, I drove by two chairs. They looked in good condition, so I got out of the car to make sure all legs were sturdy and nothing was broken (good thing to check when finding things in the garbage, better to check before you put it in the car then having to put it in your garbage because it wasn't as good as it seemed)
Well the chairs were dark wood, sort of like our hardwood floors. But it didn't matter since I would spray paint them to match the other four.
I have a modern country theme in the house and a bit eclectic, which means things don't have to match, I don't like matchy match things anyways. So we are +2 on the chairs bringing us to 6. Maybe I will find 2 more one day soon...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Keeping it real

I would like to keep it real.
If you are like me, you like pinterest and blogs and think other people are so creative and have such amazing houses.
Well most of the time these people stage before photos. Their homes don't look like that all the time, especially if they have kids.

Take our bedroom view for example. It looks like we live in the country with luscious trees. What a beautiful view to wake up too!
Well The above picture was taken from the right angle because this is actually our view. Not to say its bad but its like everyone else. We can see a few backyards.

These two pictures are of Masons room. It has been moved around a bit. But can you see the difference between staging and everyday life?

Our Living room / Dining room is this way about 85% of the time. Toys everywhere, things in piles to be taken downstairs, laundry being folded... you know the list of things that compile.

This was when I cleaned and 'staged' it one time for a photo. It might look like this for a day when I clean it and then it is dirty again...

There you have it. The tricks of cleaning and photography. Don't get so down on yourself for having a mess of a home. We all have a mess, more so if you have kids of any age.

I have a few more garbage finds coming up, check back!