Monday, March 26, 2012

Party Hardy

I have seen this wreath a few times and loved it but didn't know what to do it for? I know it's for a birthday wreath but It's a lot of balloons and effort for one birthday.
Then I thought why not make it and put it up for every birthday in our house? Done deal.

These are the supplies I used. The pins attach the balloons in a random order to the wreath ring. I put a few small balloons aside to fill in any empty spots when I was finished.

And the final look.

Mar 7. April 18. August 21.
The above dates are when this lovely wreath will make our front door shine and burst with colour.
*The pictures were taken at night (Things get done when Mason is sleeping) I will take better pictures during birthdays.
Good Night

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Anonymous said...

Love it!