Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Green Envy

I need your help with accessorizing a table but first I will show you the table journey...

I was given this table and I was debating whether to keep it like it was or paint it. It didn't last long before I knew I wanted to paint it, I don't like too many woods or dark colours in our house.

So I spray painted it yellow. Now I know you just asked why? Don't worry it didn't stay that way.

It was than white. I did yellow first because when I distressed it, the yellow would show through. see below.
I put it in its place in our home but I didn't love it, so it sat a few days before I knew what to do with it.

I was at Walmart getting these. More about that later.

And I found the spray paint aisle (not hard for me to miss)
Found a colour and wasn't sure how I would like it. Loved the colour but on a table?

Why not!

I than did a method called glazing. Glazing is where you take stain, rub it on the furniture and rub it off. The stain will stay in the cracks and dents and give it a great distressed look. Glazing works really well on furniture that has carved detail.

Now for the accessories. I don't have a lot of "knick knacks" so it is hard to find items to place on this new table.
I have numbered the pictures. Let me know which one you like best or should I not use any of these arrangements?




Krystle den Hollander said...

I like #3. Great work by the way. Looks good in that colour.

Anonymous said...

colour looks great...with accessorizing it have either 2 things on top and one of bottom or 2 on bottom and 1 item on top.