Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where have we been?

hmmm... what to blog about?
Lately it has been crazy here and if I have time to go on the computer, its just long enough to check hotmail, pinterest and maybe facebook. And that is IF I had time, as said above.
I don't feel like I am as busy as before but I am. I think I was just more productive before. Now I am just more busy helping the husband around, cleaning up after two boys, taking care of two dogs (which the husband did most of before) and did I mention cleaning. Man guys are messy!

I haven't even taken a lot of pictures lately of Mason. He is so cute, its hard to keep the camera away. The post previous to this one I did with my new Samsung Tablet. That is why the pictures are a wee bit sideways. oops. Let me fix that.

Here are 3 sets of curtains. (white/yellow ones are for the future office/playroom, I also raised the rob to the ceiling. They are from Rona) [flowery country ones are in our master bedroom. I got the fabric for cheap a year ago at Fabricland and hemmed them myself and also raised the rod to give more height to the room] {white/grey is in Masons room. This was a twin duvet cover from Ikea, don't ask me how I thought of making curtains from it...just happened. I do recommend it though as it can be cheaper and it was easy}

Our Basement is coming along thanks to R&P [you know who you are] we love your work and your dedication to us. We feel like we owe you more than hot meals each time. So before talking it over with Brandon, I have decided that you can call him for any help you need... just once his leg is better. He would be happy too. hehe

On a quick side note, I made this the other day. It sits on the shelf in Mason's room. The quote was too cute to pass up. And I now tell my dust to go to sleep because I am rocking my baby.

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