Monday, March 19, 2012

Wrapping 101

For those who do not know how to wrap a present, I am going to attempt to teach you how. For those who know or don't care, please come back another time :)
Cut paper to fit generously around your gift

fold one side of paper (this side will fold on top and create clean edge)

Clean edge

At the end top/bottom piece in like above. do both right and left

once you fold, you are left with two arrows. fold down top and bottom up and tape

or you can fold the end like this... Top piece down so sides become on an angle

Fold both sides in

and fold bottom piece up and tape

there you have it!

take a long piece of ribbon ( I used about 4ft) place the middle of the ribbon on the box and pull it underneath, twist it and bring it back up on opposite sides. It should create a cross. tie a knot and then a bow

tie more bows, as many as you can.

cut the 'bridge' of each bow, so they are not loops anymore

arrange pieces so its more spread out. and there you have it.

Did that help anyone?