Friday, August 24, 2012


If you are anything like me, you dislike the idea of the Dentist and you bleed like mad when sitting in that chair.
I do not floss and I should, I know. I have to start and I will.
Every time I go for a cleaning its a long visit. It starts by my hygienists saying my gums are inflamed and I have to floss and would I like numbing cream before we begin.
I then take the pain and a little while later am all done. Looking down, that blue `bib`they put on me has now almost completely turned red. Its like a murder scene on the bib and its all from my mouth, not nice. And I should mention my teeth kill after, actually make that my mouth. My mouth aches for hours after.

I started using Melaleuca Tooth Polish one month ago and was excited to see if thy would make a difference at my dental cleaning yesterday.
Well it did folks! I do still need to floss and I get that but this is how it went yesterday.
She looks around my mouth and said it looks a lot better and my gums are not as inflamed as they usually are and asked if I had been flossing. I told her about Melaleuca and then proceeded to let her know that there is still no flossing going on in our house and I just ate McDonalds before I went there and I was sorry. HAHA.
Well she didn't even mention the numbing cream *thumbs up* She did the cleaning and it didn't hurt like it did once upon a time and in the end, there was 1drop of blood on my bib. 1DROP!!! crazy!
Between the time I walked in the waiting room, got the cleaning, waited for the dentist to check and say everything is great, made my next appointment and got back in my car, it was 30minutes. that's a record people!
I will continue to use Melaluca tooth polish and I will start to floss, I promise mom :)

Here is a link about the tooth polish, join Melaleuca today for 1$ and enjoy great products like their tooth polish!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Melaleuca Info Night

Come one come all.
I am having Tessa over to our house for an information night on SEPTEMBER 21 @ 8PM.

Even the people that have signed up can come, there is always information that would be useful.

We will learn about products, what they are and what they do. Tessa will also let us know more about the company and how it works. Also if any of you want to be part of the business, we can talk more.

I can't stress enough how happy we are with the products. They don't cost a fortune, the shipments come straight to your door, the products are GGGGRRRREAT (like Tony the tiger!) for you and the Earth. It feels good that our home is converting to Melaleuca. I feel healthier already and have only been with the company since July.

Please let me know if you can make it that night, I would like to have enough treats for everyone.
We would love to see you and tell you about these great products.

Remember we do not take orders, its not a sales night. We are just spreading the word on Melaleuca and would love to sign you up.
If you have questions but cannot make it out that night then ask me and I will get you an answer!

Tell your friends, Bring your friends and family. It will be a fun night!!
Phone or Email me.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


The 'rings' in Masons room have remained empty for a while. I was waiting for my sister to visit and help me with Origami.
Well she has come and gone :( She is back in Africa...
We did this while she was here though.

I have to do a few more and hang them all and will get back here and post the final result.
Anyone know of easy origami other then a crane or butterfly?

Information Night

at my house!
I am having Tessa from Why I Love Mela come over and give myself and all of you more information on how Melaleuca works and the products.
I know a lot of you are interested but just want a bit more information on it, well she has all the answers.

I am looking at a week night in September and was wondering if there are weeks or days that are good, or not good? Tell me if you are away.
I want to make sure you can all come out.

An update on the products I have.
~The toothpaste is still great -I have a clean/checkup end of August, we will see if my gums bleed like mad or if this toothpaste is truly helping the girl who is known at her dentist for bleeding gums. Its usually so bad that the hygienist will ask if I want numbing gel before she even starts.
~The sol-u-mel, Tub&Tile, Tough&Tender and MelaMagic are all great cleaners. I am also not scared when Mason opens the cleaning cupboard to explore.
~Zap-it is AH-MAZING. I have lived with light acne since high school and as soon as I found Proactiv, I stuck with it. I tried a few things along the way like Aveeno, clean and clear, Arbonnes acne line and nothing worked as well as Proactiv. Also I should put out there that my face was not perfect with Proactiv but it was the closest. Well Zap-it has made me a believer in Melaleuca and I am so happy to have some that works and that is not harming me or my towels (for those of you who have Proactiv, you know what I mean)
~children's training toothpaste without fluoride. All I can say is that Mason loves to brush his teeth.

anyways I don't want to bore you. Let me know when in September is best for you and I will figure out a night.
Remember that it would not be a sales night. Melaleuca is a company where you sign up and order your own stuff, just like you would get things at Walmart but online.
I don't need you to bring your cheque book or credit cards and I don't need you to feel pressured to buy anything. We are not selling you things that night, just spreading the word on how good the products are and how easy it is.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lord Of The Flies

Still here. Was away for the long weekend and it was wonderful.
We came home to a house full of flies? my first comment after "wow" was "its Lord Of The Flies"
We are honestly clean people! you probably don't believe me since we have about 100 new flies a day.
We assume it is from the dead furry things in our attic? We had some chipmunks come in from our neighbors roof and wander over to our side (we are semi detached to a dirty house AKA Hoarder)
So we called pest control to come inspect, show us areas to block and put down some yummy poison for whatever was coming in.
4days later, there was the worst-smell-of-life in our home, you could truly tell something died up there.
So we were happy our money spent on this pest control guy worked because they do tell you that there is no guarantee.

Now we have flies. Lots of them.
I trapped them in the window to give me time to figure out a game-plan

Does anyone else have a fly problem?
No, nobody?
Well I put up those sticky traps and I hope they work?
Has anyone used those? Do they work?

Now that you all think we are a dirty family with a dirty home, I'm going to sign out now and think of a post to get your mind off this dirty one.