Friday, March 30, 2012

Removing Stickers

Ever have a sticker or a price tag that won't come nicely off something? I know you all just said yes.

Well I heard a blow dryer worked, so I tried it.

I think maybe I had to keep the blow dryer on longer but it didn't quite work. It came off better then before I used the heat but it still left a little goo behind.
So conclusion.
Use the blow dryer and aim it at the sticker for 5min (not 2min)
Or use Goo-Gone.

I used goo-gone for the last little bit
 More on this frame next week.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kitchen Timeline

Our Kitchen has been an on going renovation and I would like to show you the progress of it.
Now it is an ongoing renovation because that's just how it happened and we are doing this ourselves and on a very small budget. When I say small budget, I mean that we save money, then spend it on something in the kitchen and then save more and spend...and so on. We are just about done. Only the cupboard trim left and the bulkhead removal needs to be completed. Other than that, take a look into the journey of new cabinets, counters, floors etc.

First Three pictures are Demo. We bought a bin for our driveway and everything went.

Can you see where they painted in the old cupboards?

Now for the Floor. We had friends over to help us with the ceramic floor. see the next few pictures.

Paul is cutting the wall?
This orange stuff is called schluter. It goes under the tile and helps with any movement that may occur

Thanks Rob & Paul


Now fast forward a year with the tile. It started cracking. Grout was coming apart. No good. On the level with the kitchen, we also have the foyer, living room and dining room. We wanted hardwood for those places, so I decided we would hardwood the entire level. Including the kitchen. see below
tile ripped out

we had to move the fridge to get the tiles that were under it... hard job. Thanks Chris.

Hardwood Bamboo (Home Depot)

Hardwood straight out to the Foyer
I asked Brandon to remove this bulkhead because we choose not to put upper cabinets on the window side of our kitchen. It makes it feel more open. There was no wires or ducts running through it (we checked first) So it came down.

Fixing it with drywall...It still has to be finished. Brandon does not like mudding. You will see in the after pick how it is to this day.

Temporary counters while we saved for stone counters (Home Depot)

New Counters (Lowes - man made stone)

New counters

The next two pictures shows the 'Pantry area' before and after. The only reason there is a before is because Ikea did not have stock of the white pantry cupboard when we bought the rest of our kitchen. So rather than taking what they had home and waiting for the pantry to be delivered. We bought some brown cupboards... It looked a lot better in our heads. All I have to say, Brown cupboards are for sale!

Some ask if it was worth the hassle and mess. Others pat us on the back and say you did a great job and survived the renovation together.
Well here is the mess they were talking about and it was not easy to deal with at times.

everything in the dining room while the floors were being done.

This is what happens when you don't have all your cupboards and you have friends to feed (a thanks for those who helped us) and a dishwasher that was disconnected or not working... who knows.

Don't judge us on those last 3 photos. Totally not how we live. We do have a mess from time to time but this is beyond mess.

Now for the Before and After 
(well current.. a few minor touches to be done. *bulkhead and cupboard trim*)

Paint Chip Collage

I have more paint chip crafts to show you.

I took the pile of paint chips, my hole puncher and an empty frame.
I grabbed 5 cards of each colour. Cut out each shade down the paint chip. Piled them according to the colour.
Spread the mod podge on the frame backing.
and the rest you can see in the pictures.
hole punch by Martha Stewart (walmart)

Can be placed on any angle...

yellow up

purple up

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Its an old one

I went into my archives of furniture to find something to show you.
I have a load of furniture that I have refinished in one way or another and I will show you them all eventually.
Today is a 6 drawer dresser. It now lives in Mason's room.

I went to a garage sale summer 2010 and found this...

I asked how much and she answered with $5.
What went through my mind was. Jackpot. wow. take it and run. hurry.
Another lady at the garage sale behind me said "what $5"... at this point, I thought she was going to up the price and 'steal' it from me. however she said "then why is this plastic card $10?"
I wasn't listening from that point on.... I was out of there with a 'new' dresser.

I painted it. distressed it a tad. installed handles from home depot.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Party Hardy

I have seen this wreath a few times and loved it but didn't know what to do it for? I know it's for a birthday wreath but It's a lot of balloons and effort for one birthday.
Then I thought why not make it and put it up for every birthday in our house? Done deal.

These are the supplies I used. The pins attach the balloons in a random order to the wreath ring. I put a few small balloons aside to fill in any empty spots when I was finished.

And the final look.

Mar 7. April 18. August 21.
The above dates are when this lovely wreath will make our front door shine and burst with colour.
*The pictures were taken at night (Things get done when Mason is sleeping) I will take better pictures during birthdays.
Good Night

Friday, March 23, 2012


Where did the sun go? Its been high 20's all week and today is raining and 15C.
We loved the weather and we spent most of our days outside. this coming week, we won't be doing that though... low -3 on Monday. Brrrrrrr.

Lets not think about cold, lets think about 29C.