Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Up close and personal

my title can be taken both ways. I really love that movie!

And at the same time... Here is closer up on those baby room curtains aka twin duvet cover.

Went to the doctor yesterday and everything is still perfect with myself and baby. Somedays I think its sprawled out inside of me but doctor confirmed the head is down.. that suprises me with the movements I feel some days.

The company that is redoing our counters are coming by today to measure...
This is the colour we went with: travertine quartz

last but not least, I made a mirror for our front foyer. our of a 1x4 and a 1x2, hook, mirror & gorilla glue. I will take pictures and post them for you. Everyone should have a mirror before heading out the door... especially these people: http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/

Saturday, June 25, 2011


The baby room was in need of curtains.
My problem was I painted the room before picking fabric. I always do that... why do I do that.
First rule I learned in my decorating classes... choose textiles first, then paint and accessories.

I found some nice ones at ikea but they were $99. too much.
Then as I was browsing through the showroom I came into bedding. We have more duvet covers for our extended family, so I shouldnt look but I did. I came across one that the fabric would be perfect for baby curtains buts its a comforter cover.. hmmm. twin was only $30..sounds good to me. I bought it.
I spent about an hour removing all the hems.

Speaking of textiles.. see the carpet :)

New backdoor.

On a side note... is there a treatment or a cure for blackberry addiction?
If so, I want to know.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Kampen update

Room isnt done but its coming along.

almost 29 weeks now.

Prior triple loop

Carpet is going in tomorrow, so I took a few pictures before.
All the furniture from our 3 bedrooms and family room are crammed into one room currently. Brandon is having fun yelling because the house echos. You think he was loud before, give him an echo and.... I still love him!

Stay tuned for after...

Summer Listin'

We have made an impossible list for our summer renovation goals.
Here it is...

*finish powder room ( Paint, hang towel/toilet paper holders, clean tile grout)
*finish basement french door (paint it, frost glass panels, install handle)
*make mirror for foyer (wood frame, order mirror and hang up)
*finish Laundry room (mud/sand drywall, paint walls & cement floor, baseboard, laundry sorting cupboard, wall drying system... do piles of laundry! hehe)
*have carpet installed
*baseboards throughout the house

Now the large items that may get done...
*build front porch
*seed front lawn & do gardens
*lay pebble rocks on side of driveway
*get light in backyard
*install backyard patio and grill area
*level out and seed grass in backyard
*build fence on right side of backyard (last section that is not fenced and the dogs escape all the time. Have you seen a pregnant lady climb a 6ft fence with a dog in one hand? well its been done twice and it was not funny. we need a fence!)


No we are not a cartoon :)
We have a goal this summer to work on our backyard and it begins with how you get there... our back patio door.
Our current door is old. It doesnt slide nicely or without some muscle. There is no lock on the door that works, so we use the pin method. Best of all, it forms itself into a ice sculpture in the winter. so pretty to have a ice wall in your family room. ha. when the ice forms the door does not open, even if you have large mucles like Brandons.
I should have taken a picture of it this winter to show the degree of ice that forms inside... but I didnt, so please imagine.

We headed to Home Depot yesterday in hopes to find a new patio door for less than $500. The patio door section had a list of pricing with the cheapest at $580... hmm not my cup of tea.
So I headed over to the desk and asked about this deal I saw online. I also saw online that there is no stock within a 100km radius of us. So why post it online? to be a tease?

Well I asked and my wish was granted. He said, yah we have a few of those, they are on the site and only a few are ordered each year and sold at that factory price of $399.. so did he have any? Yes they did! 2 left in our size! amazing.

So we called brandons trustee sidekick of a brother in law because there was no way we would fit a 5ft door in our car. You think we would have thought of that before?
We got the door and for only $399. Thats a wopping $181 less then the cheapest instock doors they carry year round.

Its at our house awaiting install, which will be soon and dont worry, I will document the process.