Thursday, March 31, 2011

How you doinnnnn?

How are we? what are we up too? let me show you some pictures of our life recently. They consist of new bamboo floors, curtains, carpet selection for the bedrooms, new laundry room and crib...




I think someone stole Ryder for a day and then made him a model

he needs a haircut...




CURTAINS. got fabric from fabricland to make these. curtains keep the dogs from seeing outside. seeing people/dogs outside equals barking... we dont like that in this house. solution=curtains.

CARPET CHOICES (2nd row down; middle piece is our choice)


YELLOW...stay tuned!

well not yet but getting there.

that was a picture update of our recent activities.. thanks for stopping in.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011


Can you believe I am already finishing up my 4th month. Time flies. Baby is the size of a Avocado this week. does that make you think of guacamole? I did.

I did most of the things on my weekend list. We bought a car seat and know what stroller we want, we are just trying to find the cheapest way possible to get it. Babiesrus is the most expensive so far.
I did clean up the house but had no motivation to do Laundry. It hard to be motivation to go in my dungeon like laundry room. I didn't go to Fabric land, one day it will happen. If I had all the money in the world, I would just order these curtains from Pottery Barn. :)

We are going to go ahead and get the carpet done in our house. Cant turn away a good deal. Ryder is not going to get training, we are just going to be more persistent in our training methods and hope it works. The odd day he has an accident, hopefully its a puppy thing and it stops when he is two years old. We are told by two that his puppy habits will disappear and we see it slowly but hes just over 1yrs old, we still have some waiting time on him. I have planned to buy Oxi clean the same day we order the carpet for our house. Never used it but it looks good. Anyone against it?

Friday, March 11, 2011


My to do list this weekend is quite long but I have faith in it.

1. Go out with the hubby and look at strollers, so far we are eye balling the Baby Jogger City Select. They thought of everything and its so functional.

2. Go to Fabricland - pick out fabric for curtains in the livingroom and possibly our room and the babys room... possibly. We will see how their selection is.

3. Pick up Tripp. He has had an extended vacation away from Ryder. He has been with Andy and my mom. I dont think he will actually want to come home with us. maybe they will have to adopt him. This trip to get him will include dinner with them and my sister as well. which will be nice. the most time with her now is good before she leaves for Africa (i rolled the R when I said that out loud)

4. Head over to Factory Flooring and see if they still have their sweet deal on carpet and possibly order carpet for upstairs and downstairs... this is exciting. I have wants carpet since we moved in.

5. Look up training for ryder because if we get carpet, I might kill him if he piddles on it :) not literally but I will want to hurt him because he should get it by now that accidents are no good. oh will the puppy stage ever end with him?

6. Clean and do laundry somewhere in between all of that.

Since its friday I am going to dream a little that this weekend I am going to go for a walk with the hubby and our dogs and come across this house for sale... in our budget... and it looks like this.

A girl can dream :D oh so lovely

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back up...

And running. Our computer was fixed by the one and only. My mom. :)

Since I have been on here, so much has happened that I don't think I can write about all of it but I will try.

We did announce a few weeks back that we are expecting. Baby is due to arrive Aug27th, Opa says 10days earlier(his birthday) I think by that time I will be fine with early. So far I have been sick as a dog (I have never understood that saying because our dogs are never sick??) Here is my lemon at 12weeks.

We are both very excited and being this is our first we also have days where we are nervous.. I shouldn't say "we", he seems fine. I am nervous, about a lot of things but the feeling doesn't last long and is replaced by happiness. We are not going to figure out the sex of the baby. It seems that's every ones first question when they find out your pregnant but we don't know and don't want to know... for many reasons. I keep having girl dreams and Brandon keeps referring to "it" as a boy... so we have no idea.

To some other exciting news.. our floors are done on our main floor. Makes a major difference and I love them. However notice in the picture.. no baseboard. I was thinking two options.. keep it the same throughout the house or change the whole house to big farmhouse style... what do you think?

We went on a 8day cruise last week to the Caribbean. It was beautiful & hot. A lot to see and the water at each stop was as blue as the sky.

One last thing before I leave.. we bought a stroller off Kijiji a few weeks back. I want a stroller that can make it in snow or on trails, So I want a heavy duty, big wheeled stroller. So I found one that i always wanted. for half the price of retail. Here it is.

Nice, right? Well maybe its the ragging hormones or the indecisive girl in me. I sold it. Ha yes I sold it. call me weird but I have no storage in my house for it. It is rather large and with no garage, a full shed and a small foyer, it's not happening for me. Don't get me wrong, I love it. the wheels are heavy duty, its got shocks like you wouldn't believe but I need something a tad smaller. So we are on the search for a heavy duty, big wheeled...compact stroller. I will let you know if it exists!

bye for now.