Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby Painting

As a mom, I want my son to love crafts... because I do.
He is only 6 months and seems to eat anything in reach. So what kind of crafts can he do? I went to Pinterest to find out.
Over at this blog -the imagination tree -I found the "recipe" for homemade edible paint. While Mason was sleeping, I prepared his paint station and made the paint.

Once he woke up, I changed him into painting clothes and a full body bib. And he had a blast!

And his final masterpiece...

Try out baby paint (if you have a baby or if you feel like eating paint? ha)
What other crafts have you seen babies do? let me know, Mason needs more to do!


Kristen said...

That deleted comment was me... oops. These pictures are priceless! Picture #3 made me laugh out loud :)

Kampen said...

I deleted it, thanks. I love that picture too, he looks so excited to get started.