Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Current Plans

 I found a Chandelier
 For 9.99 :)
Bought pearls at the dollar store, total $5

I also found this blanket kit at Walmart.

Very detailed instructions. I will show you when I am done.

I made something

 I made an advent calendar this past week. I used a canvas and poked 24 holes in it and then used bobby pins for clips. I printed out 24 cards with family things on them.

 They read things like: have friends over for hot cocoa and a fire; bake a treat; read a story; decorate tree etc

 Here is a closer view of the bobby pins.

 We have started it even though it is not December 1st because we are going away end of December, so We wanted to be able to go through all the days before we leave. This year we aren't getting a tree, so the decorate a tree wont work this year.

 Yesterdays was open a new pair of pajamas.

 We all got a new pair.
 Mason wanted to open them without pictures
 SEE! he is telling me to stop!

 He loves them, especially eating them.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Challenge 4 - Chandelier

Kristen gave me this challenge link:

I found a few others for inspiration...



 via: Pottery barn kids

I have the perfect place for the chandelier but I am not telling you. When I am done, I will take a picture of it in its new home/room and then that will bring me to my net challenge.

Also thanks to those who sent m challenges/links - I have a lot to choose from for the next little while. But don't stop sending me ideas!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Homemade Chalkboard

I am making this chalkboard for Mason. When he is older, he can doodle on it. I had this window that would be perfect (thanks Kristen) I sanded it down good since Mason will be playing with it one day.

 Then I got some paint and grout as the link explains. This paint I don't have a name for, I made it by mixing some greens and white that I had.


 2 TABLESPOONS OF GROUT (they said non-sanded; I think I used sanded. woops)
 and mix it very well. The grout takes long to mix.

 I taped around the edge of the window. not sure if you can see the tape?
 painted it on with a roller. I used a little paint brush for the edge.
My little helper is happy with his chalkboard.

What should I do next?
Meg sent this:
But I am going to wait on that one because I have done a lot of art stuff I feel like and its intimidating.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 3: Challenge 3

Take a look at that Pin on pinterest. That is what I will be doing next, a coloured chalkboard!