Thursday, March 22, 2012

My front porch looking in

I love that song by Rascal Flatts and I love porches.
Porch is a funny word now that I am writing it out here on this post. don't you agree? Porch.

We currently have a slab of concrete, wonky steps and no railing.
The railing was pulled off 4 years ago to get the fridge in the house. I told Brandon to hold off on putting the railing back because we wanted a porch and we were going to build that spring 08'.
Fast forward 4 years. we are in spring 2012 now and drum roll please....
No Porch.

Winters have been scary getting in and out of our house with no railing and uneven steps but I tell myself it could be worse...

We have the idea of a wood porch that is 10ft. wide and 5ft. deep. the stairs will be the same width.
I saw a house with a porch that I love and would work great for us. I live close enough that I went for another walk the other day and snapped a photo. Is that illegal? ha

If you visit Lowes online, they have a deck planner that is fantastic.
This is our 'plan' that i did up quickly on lowes' website.

We hope to do this porch while the weather is warm. Since spring has already sprung, that gives us 6 months of nice weather.

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