Friday, February 3, 2012


I make lists for everything. absolutely everything. Most of the time they get thrown out, so until I really thought of it I wasted a lot of paper. I determined that I was making lists to get it all out in front of me and out of my brain. My brain is always going and it drives me crazy. My to-do list is always the one that gets me and I have written it out, what feels like more then 100 times. It gets me frustrated because its so long but who doesn't have a long to-do list? I am one to lay awake for an hour or more at night thinking about everything I have to do. Since I do this a lot of my lists get made before bed and it helps. If you lay awake just like me, try this, it might help.

The reason why I am babbling about this is I made my list last night and I am going to put it on here and look at it anytime I can't stop thinking of it. That way I don't waste paper or have lists all over the house and in every notebook I own. 

So here it is:

Hang Bedroom mirror & engagement picture
paint dog bench area in bedroom
find fabric and hem for bedroom closet (rod inset)
cut 2 hanging rods in closet
Repurpose bedroom dresser (7 knobs)
sell or give away chair and find one that suits us better :)
build or buy bedside tables
Make headboard
Hem curtains and raise rod

Paint Masons ceiling
hem M curtains
make new shelf above change table (current one too deep, a few foreheads know this)
bag for hamper (or other solution) for dirty wipes [cloth diapers in hamper, no place for wipes]
top trim and baseboard in Masons closet

Finish painting upstairs hall
corner baseboard in between our room and masons room 

Kitchen cupboard top [decorative] trim
large cupboard baseboard cut and installed
bulkhead down and new drywall
silicone under back splash [between counter]
finish painting above large pantry and west window

touch up paint in foyer
replace door handle 
fix turquoise chair cushion

find curtains for front living room window & sew
paint around new thermostat
take boxes down on north wall and hang picture [walls feel cluttered]
find rug 

buy and paint four more chairs [currently have 4]
paint mirror frame [solid white]
finish gold frame wall?

find fix for downstairs hallway [old wallpaper pieces under paint]
hang railing
install [nail] baseboard
install grate [take out garbage]

clear out guestroom
paint walls
hang curtains
nail baseboards
buy missing heat register

pick curtains for office/playroom
nail in rest of baseboards
build desk
install office shelf
desk chair?
window chalkboard (play?)
window cork/white board (office)

paint ceiling in half bath
clean grout from floor
find solution to fill in floor at door
fix or replace mirror
new towel and toilet roll holder

clean grout from floor in full bath
finish painting
silicone under baseboard
cupboard trim
shower rod [current rust]
wall decal removed

brick wallpaper
paint laundry room
make counter [wood planks]
install shelves

hem and hang curtain
trim ceiling
baseboard [high]
install clothes dry hanger
hang up ironing board

install subfloor in basement
stud and drywall
install carpet
buy and install door knobs [laundry/storage(2)]
build crawlspace door [chalkboard]
move in furniture and tv

AND there you have it! a lot right? no wonder I lay awake at night. Well now its all here and as we cross them off, I will show you what and how it was done.
Some things are crossed off. They are recent things, so I will show you shortly.

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