Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Things crossed off

There are a few small items on my to do list that are crossed off and it feels good to say that. Also those areas of our home look better... Brandon even agrees (he didn't notice but once I told him, he thought it was great)
I raised our bedroom curtains to give the effect of a larger window and I love it.
I found curtains for the office/playroom. I also raised that curtain rod. *see below, not best picture quality...sorry)
Found a simple white curtain panel for our bedroom closet ( it does not have a door) and hemmed it with no sew tape.
We have been very busy here at the Kampen household and I don't have much done or to share.
With a baby and a husband on crutches, there is always something to clean up.
Here is to hoping for more me time...
P.s. Happy valentines days. Love as much as possible

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