Friday, February 3, 2012


I am making my own baby food for Mason. Ultimately to save money, I have more freezer space versus cupboard space for jars and I always have something to mash on hand(don't have to run to the store).

I have made banana, apple, pears, cantaloupe, sweet potato and mashed potato.

Peel & core (if needed)

Boil or steam

blend and put in ice cube trays
Once the puree is frozen, take them out of the ice trays and put them in freezer zip-lock bags.
I am posting this just in case there is someone who reads this who wants to make baby food but wanted to know more.

There isn't much more to it because it is so easy. When its meal time take the desired amount of cubes and put in microwave (or leave in bowl on counter to thaw)

any questions? I love reading your comments, so do not hesitate!

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