Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Line up

These are just a few things I ordered from Melaleuca and will let you know how they compare.
Somethings I did not post below were the Attain bars and the Simply Fit Popcorn. Will tell you more another time

Palmolive vs. Ecosense Lemon Brite

Finish Quantrum (Which is my husbands favorite!) vs. Ecosense Diamond Brite (Which will be his favorite soon!)

CLR (I know such a strong cleaner) vs. Tub & Tile

Proactiv (been using for years, ONLY thing that has worked) vs. Zap-it

Melaleuca toothpaste vs. Colgate Total

Another good thing about Melaleuca shipping. Your kids can play in the boxes!

I will get to comparing these products right away and let you know the results!

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