Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let the Judging begin

I just received my first order of Melaleuca.
The all natural green household products plus.
The reason I keep telling you post after post about it is because the online shop is by referral only. Melaleuca doesn't rely on the regular advertisements but by word of mouth.
Besides the product I ordered I received some information booklets. I haven't read through all of it yet but let me share this.

1 Bottle of Melaleuca hand soap is $6.26 and you can get 500 pumps out of it
2.89 bottles of Bath & Body works foaming soap is $15.89 and that would get you 500 pumps
5 SoftSoap hand soaps would cost $14.95 and that gives you 500 pumps as well.

So lets count the positives shall we?
1.Its all natural and a green product
2. It ships right to you
3. You only have to get one vs. 3 or 5 bottles of other brands
4. It costs less!

Its such a good product and such a good company I have to share, I want to refer you to something so good.
Want more examples?

MelaPower 6X laundry detergent gives you 96 loads and costs $20.99
3 bottles of Ultra Tide 2X gives you 96 loads and costs $26.97

So once again, less bottles and cheaper cost.
I am going to do my own comparisons with the product I have but if you are anything like me (Costco Shopper) you have a stocked linen & cleaning closet. So Once I get through my major brands-expensive-not safe for the environment healthy for anyone-products I will get right to using my all natural-less expensive-good for all products.
Why not throw out the bad stuff and start using Melaleuca right now? Well I thought of it but I am too cheap.

I am going to host an information night for family and friends to come see the magic. Until then look at the great positive examples above and the 2 videos below. Ask me questions and let me sign you up!

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