Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Brick House

Who knew there were bricks underneath our walls?

I had left over wallpaper from the laundry room. remember this?

This wall has always bugged me because it was never even. It had bumps and holes from various things. It just wasn't nice and smooth. So I thought I would try it out.


You like?


Kristen said...

Oh my goodness. Wasn't I at your house two days ago?? ha ha and this wasn't there! I love how often you change things up. I like it a lot!

Fiona B said...

Looks awesome Elysha! I love brick inside.

Limelight Interiors said...

Very nice! Does the wallpaper actually have texture too? It sure stands out now! Great idea!

tessa said...

That is cool! I have never seen wall paper like that before, you have me fooled!

Kampen said...

thanks all. it definately turned out well. jackie it does have a bit of texture but nothing like a real brick wall. it has more of a plaster texture to it.