Friday, November 26, 2010


No I don't have a Hernia, thankfully. My mom always told me I was going to get a hernia because I move everything myself, pick up things that are way to heavy. I actually am surprised I haven't had one yet.

Last night I could just picture my mom watching me and saying "are you crazy! your going to get a hernia!"
I painted the livingroom & dining room last night while Brandon was out. In order to paint a room, you all know furniture has to be moved. Well I moved our large dining table, all 8 chairs, a very heavy hutch (decided to leave all glass/fancy dishes in it and nothing broke), 2 couches, a few side/coffe tables and another small but heavy dining table, which is in our front room waiting to be picked up off of kijiji.

I then proceeded to paint the rooms in the beautiful Ranchwood by Benjamin Moore. Then, taking the opportunity of the floor being empy, I vaccumed and scrubbed the floors. Then I (by myself again) moved all the furniture back. I know your thinking "HERNIA LADY!" or "where does she hide those muscles?"

I dont have an answer but I do have beautifully painted rooms that I will have to show you. Brandon came home just when I finished (good timing young sir!) He was surprised that I finished all the painting and more surprised I moved everything myself.

Also, we picked up a new coffee table last night that I am almost done refinishing. Its an octagon and its chunky, love it!

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