Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Check up

We are not done any of the various projects we have on the go. Did I mention all the things we are trying to complete at once? Well let me tell ya!

Painting the majority of the house one room at a time -only have 1 done...5 to go. We are painting the main rooms all in Ranchwood by Benjamin Moore.. Its a grey taupe and its lovely :)

Brandon & Paul worked on the back splash last night. We did this back splash maybe a year ago? maybe longer ha. Never finished a few pieces and we never grouted it. Well the grout makes a HUGE difference. It looks amazing now.
Picture to come

We picked up new railings for our stairs since the ones we have are just a thin piece of wood on a few non-matching brackets. So I have to paint the new railings and then we will install them. I am sure it will make a huge difference to the stairs.

I am also painting the 2 ugly chairs. Remember from the last post? I always tell Brandon how much paint can make things beautiful. It is definitely true with these chairs.
pictures to come

We have the contractor coming today to finish every touch up in the house except the family room ceiling (that's a full day job)
Once he is done all the touch ups I can go around and paint the completed rooms with the paint listed above.

I am still working on Andy's mirror, I am so close I can taste it. Don't worry, that's just a figure of speech, I wont actually taste the mirror...
pictures to come

* I am sitting here trying to think of more projects we have on the go. Its sad we try to finish so many things at once. We need to work on that habit*

Oh right the dresser I got. I haven't even shared a picture of it. I will be painting it an antique yellow. I know it sounds scary but don't worry I have a vision.

That reminds me of every time I bring something home or pick a colour... Brandon's face makes a  I don't know about that? are you sure that will look ok? He then says to me "are you sure?" I speak my decor lingo about complimentary/analogous colour schemes and room balance etc. He then says "Ok, I guess. We will see" Happens all the time. He wants me to reassure him I have picked the right choice. He always ends up loving it, which is good because it would be a waste of money if we had to change things all the time. I found out he asks me these things because he cant envision things.
Show him a chip of paint..he doesn't know.
Show him a few spots on the wall... he doesn't know.
Paint the whole room... he now loves it!

Even though he is like this he seems to pick some pretty good furnishings. For example; our kitchen tap, our upper bathroom light fixture, the new railings.
I would say our mix of choices make a pretty good team and a beautiful house.

ok enough with the rambling! Bye!

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