Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mason's Haven

I realized today while in Masons room that I never showed you the finished product. No room is ever done in this house but this is the closest it is to finished at the moment. Masons humble abode where he sleeps 11 hours at night. He has always been a good sleeper in his room and I am going to say that must be because its decorated so nicely. Or it could be the nice crib, who knows?

Lets take a journey back to what it did look like.

moving gifts into place and 'retouching closet'

Closet Before
After. I roll of wallpaper, bookcase & 2 closet rods

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Elaine Van Dyk said...

or could it be he sleeps so long because you and Brandon are good parents and he's happy and content. By the way I love the closet!