Monday, January 23, 2012


I am a bit delayed on the laundry room... for a good reason.
Brandon broke his ankle at hockey on friday night, went straight to the ER, which was amazingly right across the street. I was also very close, so I met him there.

I first thought he was kidding when he called since Brandon seems to be unbreakable. The amount of 'accidents' he has had and not broken anything. But low in behold, they took an x-ray and there is no way you could miss the break.

The doctors took him into another room where they gave him propathol, which in most cases puts you out. Well not Brandon, after three doses, he was still talking away, moving his legs, saying he was hungry and making no sense at all. They did the re-set with partial consciousness (those are the words written on his chart) After they re-set it, doctors applied a cast temporarily. I say temporarily because he is booked a surgery Jan 24th @ 10am. At that point, the cast comes off, incisions are made, 1 plate a few screws will be put in, stitches and a new cast.
Brandon at 2am on Jan 21st. trimalleolar fracture

The new cast will stay on for 6-8 weeks. During these weeks he is not allowed to apply any pressure to his left foot at all and he is currently on crutches. After 6-8 weeks, that cast comes off and I believe they said he would get a air walking cast because at that point he can start to apply pressure and walk. He will build up the strength again with physio.

When he starts walking again he will return to work but only be working in the office. 4-5 months time he will return to his regular work position.

We are grateful it wasn't anything worse and he will walk in due time. It is very appreciative of all the support from his family and friends. I will update you after the surgery tomorrow.

As for the next 2 months, Mason and I will enjoy Brandon's company at home!

As per the laundry room, I will get it finished. I am determined but also very busy at the moment. Maybe those guys of mine (Brandon and Mason) will be super good for the next 2weeks and I will get it done by my original deadline of Jan 31st.


Anonymous said...

Now you have to take care of a baby and a disabled baby. I kid! That's a huge drag though. How are you going to make sure he stays off of it?

Anonymous said...

Annonymous = connie

Kampen said...

The pain helps him stay off it :)