Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Laundry / First Foods

The first thing to do when decorating a room is to pick your fabric first. For some reason, I never do this and I don't know why. The laundry room is being decorated this month and I was determined to pick the fabric first. Are you wondering why I am buying fabric for a laundry room? Well there is a little 'cove' area where the dirty laundry will go but i wanted to hang fabric as a mini curtain, lets say. see below.

 I have a colour deck from Benjamin Moore and will be picking a colour based on this fabric.
while i was out I picked up a few more things...

I went to Natures Emporium next door and found this great book.
I got it because my little guy thinks food is interesting and milk is just not fully satisfying anymore.

 Well, I'm off to make those curtains.

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