Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lower Level

We have four levels to our home... not the best thing when you have a broken ankle. Poor Brandon but he is getting the hang of stairs with crutches.
Our basement was going to be the last project along with windows that we did because those are expensive projects. Well low and behold we are renovating our basement and our windows are being done in March. If you search around well enough, things can be done on a cheaper budget. Our basement so far has been done by friends (and we appreciate all of you) and here is the progress so far.

future tv room

Speaking of lower level, our laundry room is on its way. The brick wall I showed you previously is not real (I wish) its wallpaper. I wasn't sure at first how it would go or look but it turned out pretty good. Obviously it won't look as good as the real deal but I don't have time for the real deal. One thing if you are going to use brick wallpaper, just know it won't line up perfectly all the time. I would smile and pat myself on the back (not literally) when the bricks would line up as I started a new row but I slowly lost that smile as lower down on the same piece, they would not line up anymore. I left the laundry room a few times to calm down... wallpaper can be so frustrating! However here it is so far.

notice the wallpaper... the bricks don't match up perfectly.
 What do you think? The chandelier creates a nice romantic feel.

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