Tuesday, June 7, 2011


No we are not a cartoon :)
We have a goal this summer to work on our backyard and it begins with how you get there... our back patio door.
Our current door is old. It doesnt slide nicely or without some muscle. There is no lock on the door that works, so we use the pin method. Best of all, it forms itself into a ice sculpture in the winter. so pretty to have a ice wall in your family room. ha. when the ice forms the door does not open, even if you have large mucles like Brandons.
I should have taken a picture of it this winter to show the degree of ice that forms inside... but I didnt, so please imagine.

We headed to Home Depot yesterday in hopes to find a new patio door for less than $500. The patio door section had a list of pricing with the cheapest at $580... hmm not my cup of tea.
So I headed over to the desk and asked about this deal I saw online. I also saw online that there is no stock within a 100km radius of us. So why post it online? to be a tease?

Well I asked and my wish was granted. He said, yah we have a few of those, they are on the site and only a few are ordered each year and sold at that factory price of $399.. so did he have any? Yes they did! 2 left in our size! amazing.

So we called brandons trustee sidekick of a brother in law because there was no way we would fit a 5ft door in our car. You think we would have thought of that before?
We got the door and for only $399. Thats a wopping $181 less then the cheapest instock doors they carry year round.

Its at our house awaiting install, which will be soon and dont worry, I will document the process.

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