Saturday, June 25, 2011


The baby room was in need of curtains.
My problem was I painted the room before picking fabric. I always do that... why do I do that.
First rule I learned in my decorating classes... choose textiles first, then paint and accessories.

I found some nice ones at ikea but they were $99. too much.
Then as I was browsing through the showroom I came into bedding. We have more duvet covers for our extended family, so I shouldnt look but I did. I came across one that the fabric would be perfect for baby curtains buts its a comforter cover.. hmmm. twin was only $30..sounds good to me. I bought it.
I spent about an hour removing all the hems.

Speaking of textiles.. see the carpet :)

New backdoor.

On a side note... is there a treatment or a cure for blackberry addiction?
If so, I want to know.

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Connie Donlon said...

love the carpet and the new back door