Thursday, May 19, 2011


I cant be nesting yet, right? I am 26 weeks pregnant. Its going to be a rough 14weeks for Brandon if I am like this the rest of my pregnancy.
I have the feeling of everything needs to get done now, all at once.
I want to
... and the list goes on.

Its hard for me because I am used to lifting REALLY heavy things (ex: bathtub) on my own and painting and doing alot of physical work. Now I go up four stairs and am out of breath. come on baby, work with me here!

I am half done alot of things and want them all done before baby comes. possible? I hope so.
our downstiars bathroom is half done. I took it from baby pink toilet to construction zone to cottage cozy. *pictures to come*

I am working on the babyroom and this is something I am waiting for the pieces to fall into place because I want it to be perfect and cozy for the late night feedings.

We have carpet guys coming tomorrow to do a final measure of our bedrooms & family room. bring on the berber! but in order to get carpet installed, things must be moved. can I lift things like a king bed and a large antique dresser? No. it will be interesting and Brandon will need a sweat rag.

Once the carpet is in, that means our floors are complete (carpet upstairs and downstairs; hardwood on main floor) Then our baseboards have to be isntalled! I cant wait. we are doing Tall farmhouse type board. Brandon is my labour and I am asked about 1million times if the cut/measurement is right.
*it will look like this...

We purchased Emerald Cedars for between our driveway and our neighbours. We (I mean Brandon) removed the stumps from the old hedge and our neighbour said she will plant the new cedar trees. DEAL I dont have to do anything. Its halfway planted, she is waiting for the rain to subside to plant the last 5.

Along with that outdoor work being done, we want to get our front steps back up to par and looking friendly. Its a concrete slab with 4 different stair measurements. Whoever put the stairs in, did not use a measure tool at all. We had to remove the railing to get the large fridge inside. Its fun going up icy stairs with no railing... HA.
anyways back on point. Brandons idea was to face the area with flagstone and get a metal railing installed. We went and priced out the railings at home depot. Took while to figure out end post, split post, stair post, connectors, pickets, railings etc. But we figured it out. then looked at the stuff we would need and priced it out. $500+.. Yah right! not from this cheapo. you aint getting that much money from me. We priced out a HUGE front porch on lowes deckplanner a year ago and it was $700 for everything and that was for a huge porch, double the size we have now.
So we have decided we will build a deck (we as in Brandon and guy friends) we will make it close to the size we have now which will cut that $700 in half.
So for the price of metal railings we can get a whole new front porch.
I will tell you when it happens and how it went.

As I am writing this I have the urge to go grocery shopping.. maybe because I want to make brownie oreos lol



Connie Donlon said...

aww I want to see the new carpet!! :(
I bet it's going to look amazing
But I also bet it will have little black balls of fur all over it a-la tripp

Kampen said...

I shaved tripp. No more long hair :)