Thursday, March 31, 2011

How you doinnnnn?

How are we? what are we up too? let me show you some pictures of our life recently. They consist of new bamboo floors, curtains, carpet selection for the bedrooms, new laundry room and crib...




I think someone stole Ryder for a day and then made him a model

he needs a haircut...




CURTAINS. got fabric from fabricland to make these. curtains keep the dogs from seeing outside. seeing people/dogs outside equals barking... we dont like that in this house. solution=curtains.

CARPET CHOICES (2nd row down; middle piece is our choice)


YELLOW...stay tuned!

well not yet but getting there.

that was a picture update of our recent activities.. thanks for stopping in.



Connie Donlon said...

dang girl! nice pictures!

Elysha Kampen said...

Thanks! the camera helps me look like I have talent.
P.s. why are you awake at 1:15AM?

krystle said...

Umm when did you go down and take pictures of them?

Anonymous said...

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