Monday, March 14, 2011


Can you believe I am already finishing up my 4th month. Time flies. Baby is the size of a Avocado this week. does that make you think of guacamole? I did.

I did most of the things on my weekend list. We bought a car seat and know what stroller we want, we are just trying to find the cheapest way possible to get it. Babiesrus is the most expensive so far.
I did clean up the house but had no motivation to do Laundry. It hard to be motivation to go in my dungeon like laundry room. I didn't go to Fabric land, one day it will happen. If I had all the money in the world, I would just order these curtains from Pottery Barn. :)

We are going to go ahead and get the carpet done in our house. Cant turn away a good deal. Ryder is not going to get training, we are just going to be more persistent in our training methods and hope it works. The odd day he has an accident, hopefully its a puppy thing and it stops when he is two years old. We are told by two that his puppy habits will disappear and we see it slowly but hes just over 1yrs old, we still have some waiting time on him. I have planned to buy Oxi clean the same day we order the carpet for our house. Never used it but it looks good. Anyone against it?

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