Friday, October 19, 2012


You are about to look at a lot of pictures. Well if you are interested in railings. We have had a small railing for our lower set of stairs for about 2-3 years. We haven't put it up yet because the studs in the wall are in bad spots to put brackets. So I set out to home depot and found these toggles. Not just an regular toggle, this toggle installs a tad different and 1 holds up to 238lbs! Hello! there would have to be some major handrail sliding or leaning to get through that. Brandon was skeptical as usual, so while he was working, I just did it. Like Nike.

Here are my steps.
Find out where you want handrail, mark nail holes in bracket

each kit comes with 2, that means it holds 478lbs! I used two in each bracket.

Drill 2 holes for the toggle

following instructions on the pkg, I inserted the toggles

see the little tab on each toggle? you are to slide tight against the wall. Left one is done.

snap off extra end pieces

Done with the toggles

screw in the bracket with the screws provided with the toggler kit

since I used 2 toggle screws, I used the black screw provided with the bracket for the last hole.

Done both brackets

Another piece to the bracket to attach the railing

This was a HARD step when you only have two hands, but I screwed in the bracket pieces to the handrail.

Issue with the toggle screws... they are silver, bracket is black...

So I coloured it with a sharpie marker



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