Saturday, October 13, 2012


I was given a planter box from a friend, a talented friend (they made it). It is just a simple box with ferns.
I put it on my coffee table and it was too matchy match for my liking so I painted it.
Here is the process.
Homemade box. 5small ferns.

I used my stencils to write the word GARDEN

Picked out my colours (paint is from Dollarama, so cheap)
Following Kristen's(shiftingtreasure) steps, I painted the letters white first

Then I painted over the letters with red. For some reason I missed a picture step, I also painted the box blue as you can see. *hello baby belly*

Once the box was painted and the letters were painted twice. I roughed it up with sandpaper

All done! my little indoor garden.

Do you have a box, a picture frame or even a scrap piece of wood? You can do this too!!

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