Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Peak at basement progress

I am so excited that we have progress in the basement. The future TV room and office is coming along and I thought I would share the progress.

When we viewed the house, the basement was like this.

We tore off the wood paneling to find wood wallpaper.

Tore out all the walls, put in sub floor, put in new studs (the old studs were 1X2 or 2X2- thats wrong if you don't know studs, we put in 2X4 studs *thumbs up*)

Brandon & Paul creating the Media wall

Drywall & Mud


Mason helped and got a little dusty

He wanted to help paint but we wouldn't let him

Took me 1hour folks! I painted while Brandon kept Mason busy upstairs. Just some edging left to do.

Curtains against wall to give you an idea where I got the paint colour from

The lights were off, sorry.

Media wall. Where the TV and such will go.

Oh and I thought I would share Masons new angry face.


Krystle den Hollander said...

Paul's got a little bit of hungry bum in the picture:P

Uncivilized Diplomats Band said...

More nice pretty finished updated pics pweeze!