Thursday, August 9, 2012

Information Night

at my house!
I am having Tessa from Why I Love Mela come over and give myself and all of you more information on how Melaleuca works and the products.
I know a lot of you are interested but just want a bit more information on it, well she has all the answers.

I am looking at a week night in September and was wondering if there are weeks or days that are good, or not good? Tell me if you are away.
I want to make sure you can all come out.

An update on the products I have.
~The toothpaste is still great -I have a clean/checkup end of August, we will see if my gums bleed like mad or if this toothpaste is truly helping the girl who is known at her dentist for bleeding gums. Its usually so bad that the hygienist will ask if I want numbing gel before she even starts.
~The sol-u-mel, Tub&Tile, Tough&Tender and MelaMagic are all great cleaners. I am also not scared when Mason opens the cleaning cupboard to explore.
~Zap-it is AH-MAZING. I have lived with light acne since high school and as soon as I found Proactiv, I stuck with it. I tried a few things along the way like Aveeno, clean and clear, Arbonnes acne line and nothing worked as well as Proactiv. Also I should put out there that my face was not perfect with Proactiv but it was the closest. Well Zap-it has made me a believer in Melaleuca and I am so happy to have some that works and that is not harming me or my towels (for those of you who have Proactiv, you know what I mean)
~children's training toothpaste without fluoride. All I can say is that Mason loves to brush his teeth.

anyways I don't want to bore you. Let me know when in September is best for you and I will figure out a night.
Remember that it would not be a sales night. Melaleuca is a company where you sign up and order your own stuff, just like you would get things at Walmart but online.
I don't need you to bring your cheque book or credit cards and I don't need you to feel pressured to buy anything. We are not selling you things that night, just spreading the word on how good the products are and how easy it is.

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