Friday, August 24, 2012


If you are anything like me, you dislike the idea of the Dentist and you bleed like mad when sitting in that chair.
I do not floss and I should, I know. I have to start and I will.
Every time I go for a cleaning its a long visit. It starts by my hygienists saying my gums are inflamed and I have to floss and would I like numbing cream before we begin.
I then take the pain and a little while later am all done. Looking down, that blue `bib`they put on me has now almost completely turned red. Its like a murder scene on the bib and its all from my mouth, not nice. And I should mention my teeth kill after, actually make that my mouth. My mouth aches for hours after.

I started using Melaleuca Tooth Polish one month ago and was excited to see if thy would make a difference at my dental cleaning yesterday.
Well it did folks! I do still need to floss and I get that but this is how it went yesterday.
She looks around my mouth and said it looks a lot better and my gums are not as inflamed as they usually are and asked if I had been flossing. I told her about Melaleuca and then proceeded to let her know that there is still no flossing going on in our house and I just ate McDonalds before I went there and I was sorry. HAHA.
Well she didn't even mention the numbing cream *thumbs up* She did the cleaning and it didn't hurt like it did once upon a time and in the end, there was 1drop of blood on my bib. 1DROP!!! crazy!
Between the time I walked in the waiting room, got the cleaning, waited for the dentist to check and say everything is great, made my next appointment and got back in my car, it was 30minutes. that's a record people!
I will continue to use Melaluca tooth polish and I will start to floss, I promise mom :)

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