Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just in time

Saturday night and the pallet table is done! sort of.
There are some cosmetic pieces in the process.

Here is how it was done...
 Take a skid. see if the full thing will fit in your room as a table. In our case it wont... our room is too narrow.

Cut the skid to preferred size. If it isn't high enough with one, cut another skid the same size and put it on top.

 For the skid that will be the top, we took off those bottom 'supports' so it would be a bit cleaner between them, for storage.

Take it outside if you run out of room or it gets too messy :)
Notice the pallet to the left is our top piece, we are putting the boards all together to create one surface with no cracks.

Sand everything down. Don't want your guests getting splinter while reaching for their drink off your table.
p.s. you may get a splinter or two making this table.

Pile the two pieces together, add wheels. 
The top we put the boards together but the bottom layer we left as a pallet with slats/cracks.

This is why its not all the way done. Notice the big corner 'pin' Not sure what you call them, but its the pins from a railroad....
 These! know what I am talking about? Well we (aka Brandon) is making holes for these and making 1 was hard enough. However don't feel bad for him, it was his idea. A great one at that.

So there it is, did the explanation make any sense?
Brandon is in all the pictures because he did most of this challenge.

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Anonymous said...

Great job Brandon!

p.s. Elysha I thought this was supposed to be your project?