Saturday, November 26, 2011

Homemade Chalkboard

I am making this chalkboard for Mason. When he is older, he can doodle on it. I had this window that would be perfect (thanks Kristen) I sanded it down good since Mason will be playing with it one day.

 Then I got some paint and grout as the link explains. This paint I don't have a name for, I made it by mixing some greens and white that I had.


 2 TABLESPOONS OF GROUT (they said non-sanded; I think I used sanded. woops)
 and mix it very well. The grout takes long to mix.

 I taped around the edge of the window. not sure if you can see the tape?
 painted it on with a roller. I used a little paint brush for the edge.
My little helper is happy with his chalkboard.

What should I do next?
Meg sent this:
But I am going to wait on that one because I have done a lot of art stuff I feel like and its intimidating.


Anonymous said...

this specific one is kind of ugly but you get the diy point... i have one at home that i'm dreaming about and havne't got around to but i think they could turn out pretty awesome

love kristen

Anonymous said...

PS. Is this where we're supposed to challenge you? :)

Kampen said...

yes. thanks! will get on that this week.

Connie Donlon said...

you're such a busy little mum... love it!