Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's a.....

For those who do not want to know the gender of our baby, close this page now.
I do have to say though, I am sure you will hear someway or another, so why not stick around. Find out! It will be fun!

 I should start off by saying that the mid pregnancy ultrasound went really well. Baby is head down and when I feel those pains high up on my belly, I can now assume, it's kicking feet.
All measurements were good. Two arms. Two legs. Ten fingers. Ten toes. a beautiful beating heart.
Baby weighs a whopping 10oz! ha So tiny. Im hoping for no bigger then Mason, he was 8lbs at birth.

SO we found out at the end of the ultrasound. Brandon and Mason were in the room watching and we saw something. *hint hint*

Its a....


Another bundle of laughter, mud, loud screams, cars, ball throwing.
Our house will be loud.. well louder. It's already loud with Brandon and Mason.

I made cookies with blue inside to surprise some family that lives close and it was so fun to watch them all nibble away looking for that blue or pink smartie. When they finally got to it we heard BOY! ITS BLUE! WHAT ITS A BOY!!!?

 Most people...99% of family and friends thought it was a girl and he tricked you all! Well that is our news, the name will remain a surprise. Something has to be a surprise right? And no mom we haven't thought of names yet. and Krystle I will not pick Michael (no offense to all Michaels out there)

Our boys will share a room (one reason I wanted to find out) and I cannot wait to decorate.
 We are also happy to be saving some money on clothes. Girls clothes are so cute and I would probably spend too much, so I am pulling out Mason's baby clothes from storage.

With all that said, We cannot wait to meet the next little man we call our son.


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Fiona Boersema said...

Congratulations again! Love the way you posted this!