Thursday, June 21, 2012

No Title and No excuse...

Actually I have an excuse for being gone for so long. Our trusty laptop was out of order. I won't go into the details because it's boring already. I will just say that we had a new power cord shipped and we now have power to get back to this thing I call a blog.
Between the last post and today, a lot has happened around here and to us but I won't ramble on and on about all of it. I also can't put it in order by date because I am not that organized.

We went away for 4 days to Disney World. A very very very last minute trip and a great one at that. We didn't go into any Disney parks as Mason is still small and he wouldn't remember. We will pay the big price to go one day when he is big enough to remember all the magic of Disney.
A few random photos of our trip.

The magic of Disney got to Mason on the second day, he started to crawl. So fun. We took a video and lots of pictures. Now that we have a crawler at home, our hands are full. Gates are up, things are cleaned and organized, cords are tucked away, most outlets are hidden. And I am very thankful for 2 naps a day from Mason, It's when things get done.

Check back for updates on the backyard, office/playroom, guestroom, doll house & a side table transformation.

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