Thursday, April 12, 2012

Long Time

I just read an article that I think changed my way of thinking.
Now a days with all the technology we are all loosing our memory and our love for life. We get so caught up in all the things out there and we strive so hard to be better at everything. We aren't living in the moment anymore.
You may think your not loosing your memory but lets just look back when we didn't have cell phones, we knew most phone numbers.
Why remember things when there is google. Type in random words and it will bring up what you were trying to remember about a place or something you saw.

The article I posted below is written for moms but I think it applies to all.
Be who you are. Do what you can and don't dwell on what you can't do. Remember none of us are perfect. Love with all you heart and be true to yourself.

Please read the article no matter who you are. In this world where we are so over stimulated with all this technology, take time to enjoy every minute.

Power of Moms article

So happy doing nothing

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