Thursday, July 14, 2011


Please dont ask how our computer is broken again. My mom has taken it away to fix it all up.
I am hoping it can be fixed by the time this baby comes because I need to skype with my sister in Africa to introduce her to her new... she would say nephew, I say neice.

Speaking of baby.. It might be a little impatient. Lets just say when you have two impatient parents, you might be impatient yourself. The baby is already taking after us, I love it!
I had a doctor appointment yesterday. Since my belly dropped last week, he had many questions and many tests to do. The verdict?
Once baby drops in first time moms, baby usually arrives within 2-4weeks! WOOHOO. I have mixed feelings because I so want to meet it right now! however, I want it to be healthy. The Doctor confirmed that we should keep our sights on 4weeks because the baby will be past 36weeks and healthier then.
After all the signs/symptoms, we will all be surprised if we dont have a baby until end of August. Weirder things have happened though but we would love to meet baby Kampen earlier!

I have many updates with pictures but as I said computer is capital B-usted!
The baseboards have begun in our house.
I have more baby room things (thanks to a baby shower that was a complete surprise! thanks ladies)
Laundry room is 90% done.
My flowers outside are still living mid summer! I always kill them. I found out if you water them every day they live longer hahaha! they are pretty and I have pictures.
We ordered the counters and they come in a few weeks.

Hopefully mom is done soon with the computer so I can post pictures because thats all people really look at anyways :)

Chao for now!

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