Thursday, December 2, 2010

and it's begun...

christmas wreaths, christmas lights, santa, reindeers on your lawn, trees decorated by the family... and the list goes on. I love ever single bit of it. I love the holiday for many reason, celebration of God's birth, his love is the reason we are alive today, families everywhere getting together, food, decorations. Everyone at this time just seems happier!

I wanted to post today about decorations. I am almost done decorating our house but cant show you yet! I wanted to ask all of you out there though. Do you have a colour theme? Colour(s) that you decorate with. It seems the 3 years I ahev been in this house I have done different colours every year.
First year was blue.
Second Year was all colours and ornaments.
Third year is a secret still. I will tell you soon, promise.

So what colours are you doing...






So which colour theme do you do?
Are there family traditions of decorating you carry on?

Let me know!

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