Friday, September 7, 2012

Plus 2

We found our dining room table at a warehouse on a side road garage sale two years ago and we paid $50 for it. It did need some sanding and stain, which we had someone do.

The table can seat 8 (3 on each side, 1 on each end) but we only had 4 chairs. Ikea chairs that I spray painted white. [as seen above]
I have been waiting to purchase more chairs because they cost $$$ and I have more important things to spend $$$ on. Well when driving around getting mason to sleep one grumpy day, I drove by two chairs. They looked in good condition, so I got out of the car to make sure all legs were sturdy and nothing was broken (good thing to check when finding things in the garbage, better to check before you put it in the car then having to put it in your garbage because it wasn't as good as it seemed)
Well the chairs were dark wood, sort of like our hardwood floors. But it didn't matter since I would spray paint them to match the other four.
I have a modern country theme in the house and a bit eclectic, which means things don't have to match, I don't like matchy match things anyways. So we are +2 on the chairs bringing us to 6. Maybe I will find 2 more one day soon...

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Dannyelle @ said...

I like the new chairs, amazing what a little spray paint can do ;)